Training Game

Learning new words. To play this game, children do not need to know the words upfront. They will learn them by playing. A small set of words will be presented to them and every time they drag one of the flying pictures in the corresponding wagon they will hear the word by a native speaker. As they learn and advance to new levels, new words will start showing up. New words will appear more frequently but known words will still appear to reinforce them. At the end of the game coins are awarded that can be exchanged in the sticker books.

Challenge Game

The second game is a little more challenging involving a different cognitive process since the game dynamic is inverted. Children now hear a word and they have to recognize it and match it to the corresponding picture in the wagon. As children learn, the set of words becomes larger and the game becomes more fun. The game also ends by awarding coins, the more correct answers, the more coins they will get.

Rewards - Sticker Book

Children can swap the earned coins by colorful stickers in Fairyland and Monster's World. This wonderful sticker collection reinforces the learning and rewards the effort. Children get hocked up with the stickers right away and will play until all stickers are exchanged. The only way to finish the stickerbook … is learning the words.


Multiple Levels

Although this application is design with children who can not yet read in mind, we included a section where they can see how each word is written. Also, parents can use this tool in case it is not perfectly clear what the picture represents. The application is divided in 9 levels and includes 90 commonly used words. It starts with 10 colors and as these are learned, new words are included in the games. By the time children are done with the stickerbooks they are going to be able to recognize most of the 90 words.