Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?

The idea is very simple, you (or your child) play, have fun and learn words in a new language. You start by playing and learning about colors. The game keeps track of your progress and eventually you will get to the point where you have learned them pretty well. At that time, if you have already bought the level corresponding to the next set of words they will be added to your dictionary. If you have not bought them yet, you will be asked if you want to do so.

What happens if I don’t want to buy a new level?

You can keep playing as much as you want with the words that are already in your working dictionary, but no new words will be added to it.

I bought a level, why are those words still locked?

Since learning all the words at once is pretty difficult, the game keeps track of your progress and adds words to your working dictionary as needed from the already bought levels. Keep playing and once you know the words you are playing with, the next set will automatically be added.

Can I buy silver/gold coins to finish the sticker book?

Long sigh! Although we do want to make a fear profit from developing this game we want to do so by helping you or your child learn something. We are proudly not in the business of saling smoke.

When will I pass to the next level?

The game is automatically keeping track of your progress. Once is clear that you are learning the words in your working dictionary you will pass to the next level (assuming you buy it or already bought it)

Why can’t I win silver/gold coins?

Each time a word from the silver level or gold level is presented, you will earn coins corresponding to that level. If you are not winning any silver or gold coins is because you are not at that level yet.

Are there user accounts for multiple players?

Unfortunately those have not been implemented but … they are in the works so hang in there and we will get those to you.

Can I empty the sticker books?

Yes, but all user information will be lost (coins and words learned). See How do I reset the app?

How do I reset the app?

Reseting the application is possible but will loose all user information (sticker book status, accumulted coins, known words and level). Go to the main menu and enter the “Level” one. Press ones on the last wheel of the train (the one on the far right) and within 2 secnds press once the 3rd wheel on the train (this is te left one corresponding to the first wagon). When prompted with “Confrim Reset” just say “yes”. If you had already bought levels, you will not need to buy them again since this information is stored in the Itunes App Store and NOT in the App itself. When prompted if you want to buy the new level just say yes (if you had already bought them) and the Itunes store will reply saying that you already bought it and whether you want to download them for free. Say yes and you are done.

How do I restart my device?

iPod touch:

How do I delete an app and re-download?

Delete the application from your device. Press down on the icon until all your icons start shaking. An X should appear on the top corner of the icon. Press the X, and you will be prompted to delete.
Re-download the application with the same iTunes login, and you will not have to purchase it again. See:
Please restart your device after re-downloading. See “restart” here:
iPod touch:

Can I re-download for free?

Yes. Re-download the application with the same iTunes login, and you will not have to purchase it again. See:



Why can’t I hear the sound? (iPhone / iPod touch)

Check the Ring/Silent switch on the upper left corner of your iPhone and make sure that the orange dot is not showing. See P. 13 of the iPhone User Guide
Turn up the volume using the buttons on the left side of your iPhone.
Go to the purple music selection button and make sure that the Music is “ON” in the upper right corner.
Please restart your device. See “restart” here:
iPod touch:

Which iOS is required?

The iPhone / iPod touch apps require iOS 3.1 or later.
The iPad apps (HD) require iOS 3.2 or later.
For instructions on how to download the latest iOS, see “Updating” here:

Why can’t I download the app on iTunes?

Check to see if you have the required iOS.
See FAQ “Which iOS is required?” for details.

Why can’t I sync the app with my iPod touch?

Check to see that you have iOS 3.1 or later (an Apple requirement).
See FAQ “Which iOS is required?” for details.